Bust or Bail is the best "Contest Series" out. This is how every contest should be done a free for all, and just trying to do the gnarliest tricks. This is why Thrasher is known as the bible. Companies that are pro skateboarding or Skater owned should be the ones running contests, not these giant corporations just trying to make money off of skateboarding. Cyril Jackson, Chris Joslin, and Tommy Sandoval are monsters. The triple set is huge and the speed they had to be moving to jump down that is nuts. Awesome stuff from the Trasher guys.

The search never ends. This awesome video of Alvaro Malpartida and Cristobal de Col finding and shredding waves around Peru. Even when it seems every spot has been found, and full of kooks, this video proves there is still new spots to be found. While the waves were not huge or perfect, they were pretty tricky and these guys still pulled it off. Good stuff and good soundtrack to boot. 

Pizza Skateboards released "Southwest Side Story" on Thrasher Magazine's website. There is some awesome skateboarding on this video. Homeboy kills the rail at the end of this video. the board slide to back lip from the ledge to parking block is crazy . This video also has a really good soundtrack. The dudes over at Pizza skateboards are doing it right.

A$AP Ferg has released a video for his new single "Let it Bang" featuring Schoolboy Q from his upcoming album "Always Strive And Prosper". Overtime A$AP Ferg and Schoolboy Q get together it is a banger. The video also features a clip from an upcoming single. I am looking forward to his upcoming album slated to be released April 22nd. If you have followed us on blog you know we have been a fan for a long time. 

El Salvador is now a surf destination. It is a land of rights (and some lefts to). The beach breaks look so fun. The Brixton team kills out there. The waves look like California but with out the cold water. Working on releasing our spring line very soon. Hopefully by next month. We are also constantly working on new designs and always looking to flow Surfers, or skaters. you can send us footage to Haberdasherclothing@gmail.com if you are interested. 

Awesome video of how Stevie Williams not only became one of the biggest mogul in Skateboarding but how he also became one the most influential skateboarders. Good stuff from Vice Sports. 

25 years of Gnar

Thrasher Magazine has put together one of the raddest video compilations ever. This video has the gnarliest tricks done down handrails, and there is some seriously heavy stuff in here. Cardiel's 50-50 down the golden rail is still so insane. Sit back, enjoy it, then go skate.

Fantastic look in to Kendrick Lamar's neighborhood he grew up in. This is the first episode of six. You can really see he is rapping about his real life, and where he his coming from in his lyrics. Kendrick Lamar is not only the best rappers, but he is one of the most important rappers. good stuff from Noisey.

The Lyon 25 has been conquered

Jaws is a fucking mad man. You have most likely seen the clip on Instagram, now watch the behind the scenes footage. Even after watching footage of Ali Boulala trying to ollie this massive 25 many years ago, he tried it and tore his MCL. Jaws went back to try it again. The board and trucks he has to use to jump down this mountain is crazy. All the attempts he puts his body through to get the footage. So insane and amazing to watch this. 


Balaram surfs some of Panama's best breaks with such an effortless and Clean style. Homie pulls off such technical airs with out any effort. Also who knew Big L would go so perfectly with a surf video. All around rad!


Chris Cope is a mad man. This Invert to gap is so gnarly. How does he even think of dong this. So rad!

Vince Staples is one of the most underrated rappers out right now. I don't understand why he isn't on the radio constantly. Any song off of "Summertime '06" is a banger. Looking forward to more from this artist.

Brad Flora Surfing Southern California

Brad Flora taking full advantage of the great surfing we have had here lately in California. The jazz goes so good with the surfing on this video. Good stuff

Evan Smith Time Trap Part

Evan Smith has such a unique style. This part is so good. The trick selection is so varied. Will watch this part multiple times.

Honolua Bay going off.

Even with the line up being so crowded, Honolulu Bay was close to perfect. The deep overhead barrels will be running through your head all day. 

Yoshi Tanenbaum's "Transplants" Part is soooooooo good. This guy rips. The 360 flip at the end is killer. Yoshi has such a good style its hard to tell what is switch and whats regular. Good Stuff

Julian Wilson rips.

Julian Wilson is so good. He rips up the north shore. This is an awesome edit. The music goes perfectly with Julian's style. Good stuff

Anti-Hero's European Tour

This is a rad edit from from P-Stone of Anti-Hero’s European tour. Anti-Hero has such a heavy team. Everyone on that team kills it. Good stuff. You can watch it here 


More heat from Pusa T’s “Darkest Before Dawn”. M.F.T.R. is more proof that King Push is one of the most prolific rappers out right now. Not only is making a ton of music he is making really good music.