The Deathwish Video is full of the gnarliest skateboarding put to tape. Everybody’s part is just full of bangers, and not just jumping down stuff. There is a lot of very technical skating taking place. Lizard King has to be one of the purest and raw skaters, his part has to be watched over and over. Neen Williams, Furby, Jim Greco, Slash and Erik Ellington huck their bodies over some huge gaps and stairs. So impressive. Moose blends the gnarly and technical skating in his part, with tricks like kickflip back tail bigflip out to begin his part, and ends with a backside 360 down the hollywood high 16. After watching Jon Dickson’s part I, you understand why they turned him pro. The ollie at the end of his part is just insane. You can see it on his face how crazy that was.